Computers As Tools For Running Your Business

Do I need a computer to run my business?

Computers are nothing more than tools to enhance your productivity. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to employ recent technology in reducing the cost and time spent in carrying out business operations. However, the cost of introducing and maintaining such must be weighed against the benefit.

In the past, businesses owners carry out their tasks manually. They simply rely on the use of a pen, a paper and of course their mind.Some entrepreneurs still insist that that is the best way to do business. They don’t trust the funny looking machine. WEll that is a ridiculous way to reason. The truth is that the same entrepreneur that is skeptical about the usefulness of a computer is already using a smartphone to do video call. I guess he is not aware that a smartphone is just another computer in a minaturize form.

Really, it is almost impossible to run a business in this generation without employing the use of computers. If you don’t need a computer to do your documentation, you may need it to keep record. Often times the need to receive and send emails or making research online is another reason to get a computer for your business.Attempting to carry out your business tasks without employing the use of computer will simply make the tasks tedious and time consuming.

Can you imagine what it will look like if a MacDonald store in busy commercial spot decide to compute the number of sales, the expenses, the returns on investments, the salary for employees and many other activity that needs computations with a paper and pen. The record can hardly be accurate nor presented on time to management for strategic business decisions. If you get even a basic computer desktop, will no longer have to exhaust your brain in computing or your hand in recording anything. Computers have made running a business operation less stressful to the entrepreneur.

The most important area that computer has added value to business operation is in communication. Unlike before when  the fastest way to communicate with clients and customer was through telephone, now you can use the power of the internet to handle your communication. Voice calls, video calls, online conferencing, Instant Messages and the latest Twitter are some of the wonderful resources that computer and technology has made available for the use of both the big and small business owners.

The beauty of all these is that you don’t need a fortune to own a computer that can get this things done. In my next post, I will be sharing tips on how to choose the right computer for your business! You can get a free update to this post Computers As Tools For Running Your Business by subscribing to my RSS feed.

2 thoughts on “Computers As Tools For Running Your Business”

  1. Nice read. Computers are definitely becoming a necessity for business owners. Not only that, but I’d say having a computer as well as running a website is fast becoming a necessity as well for all current and future businesses.

  2. Should the business owner become incapacitated or die while actively managing the company or while negotiating a sale transaction, and the shares of the company are in his or her name, his or her business can literally grind to a halt as a court sorts out who will have the legal capacity to make critical decisions on the business owner’s behalf.

    In some instances, the court may appoint a guardian to run the business under the court’s supervision. Often, as has been the case with attorneys in our office, that guardian will be an attorney who has no idea about how to run the business successfully. That attorney will report to a judge who will have just as little business sense.

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