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How to Choose A Netbook Computer

Written by Tony

Topics: Business Computers, Netbook Computers

Netbook Computers are the current gadgets in vogue. What is a netbook by the way? A Netbook Computer is a small computer that is quite portable and also much more affordable than the bigger laptop computers. They are lighter in weight but still have most of the basic features of a regular computer. So, what should you look out for when choosing a netbook for your business?

Is the netbook computer affordable?

There are numerous brands with different price to choose from. The high brand netbook computers are naturally more expensive than those manufactured by unknown companies. You can get a netbook for as low as $250. The specification and the portability affects the price. How much you need to spend will actually depend on the business task you need to perform with the netbook. Web surfing, word-processing, and other simple tasks can be performed admirably by the inexpensive netbooks. However, if you need to run special software or do graphic stuff, you may need to spend more to get a better machine. Please note that sometimes, the expensive models don’t really justify their high prices in terms of added facilities.  You need to be careful. You may actually need to study the models and do some sort of comparison before settling for any. Things to consider include, the size, weight, disk storage, memory, battery life, and warranty.

What Operating System runs the netbook?

You need to know the kind of operating system that runs the machine that you want to buy. Some of the netbook computers do not have the capacity to run robust operating system such as Windows Vista. Also, additional software needed to carry out your business tasks may not be bundled with the netbook. For example, if it is a netbook bundled with Microsoft Window XP, you may still need to purchase Microsoft Office Suite separately. Those software cost money when they are not bundled with the hardware as a package. The alternative is to go for netbooks that runs popular Linux operating system such as Ubuntu. However, you should be aware that specialised softwares built specifically for Microsoft Windows Operating System will not run on such machine. You may need to look for alternative Open Source Softwares to use. Netbooks bundled with Linux Operating System are much affordable, but then, if you’ve been a Microsoft Windows fan, then you will need to learn.

How long can the battery last?

For an entrepreneur, a netbook computer is meant for business task first and must be ready to work when needed. A machine sitting like a dead duck because of drained battery is undesirable. Therefore, you need to consider the battery life of the various netbook computers and choose the one that offers reasonable length of working time before requiring a recharge. Anything less than 2hours battery support is not ideal. You never can tell where you will need to use your netbook without having the luxury of plugin into the mains. At such time, a machine with good battery will serve you better.

Necessary Features of a Netbook Computer

Ensure that the netbook comes with necessary slots e.g. USB, IEE port etc. Having a wireless card is also necessary as many hotels now prefer offering internet connection within their premises as Wifi hotspot instead of the traditional cabled lan system. Other features such as webcam, bluetooth etc tends to make netbooks that have them quite expensive. Since you may not need those features, it is better to safe on the extra cost (if you eventually need them, you can buy add-on that uses USB ports).

Check Consumer Reviews on Netbook Computers

Once you’ve made up your mind on the type of netbook computer you wish to buy, the next step is to read online reviews written by consumers on such machine. Never base your buying decision on reviews posted on the website owned by manufacturers or stores. They tend to exaggerate on the features and performance of the equipments they display. You are better off checking the review of actuall users pasted on Blogs and personal websites. A good way to check this is to type something like this in a a search engine “netbook XYZ brand sucks” replace the XYZ with the brand name of the machine you are searching for.

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  1. Hi Great info on choosing a netbook.

    I\’m still using my old desktop dinosaur. I think it\’s about time switching or upgrading.

    Now that I know what to look for, I can go and compare prices.

  2. Katey says:

    Do laptops still come with xp? I thought all new laptops came with vista now?

    • I’m yet to see a netbook with Windows Vista. They were probably not made to support Vista 🙁
      .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Beware Of Internet Dating and Email Scams PLEASE! =-.

      • Leke says:

        Netbooks have minimum resources so they are better off with light Operating Systems like Window XP. Windows Vista is quite bogus and as such does not fit into the goal of Netbooks. Battery efficiency will not be at optimum if Netbooks are to run with Window Vista. Presently, Linux seems to have the lightest of operating systems. So if you want to browse and do minimal word processing stuff, then you are better off with a Netbook computer running with a light Linux operating system. Cheers.

  3. ComputerStore says:

    great computer info! Thank you for this!

  4. A friend of mine recently got one of those Acer Aspire one notebooks and claims dat the battery lasts more than 4 hours for sure.

    Unfortunately they are way to small for someone like me who likes to watch movies on a wide screen with the laptop placed comfortably on my laps.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Wp-Spam Free Works Just Fine @ StrictlyOnlineBiz =-.

    • Leke says:

      You will agree with me that Netbooks are not designed for watching movies. I’m yet to even see one that has a DVD drive. They are actually designed for Mobile users who are mostly interested in working on documents and communicating on the go.
      When it comes to graphics, you are better off with a laptop. So, stick with your laptop for now until you need a lightweight computer that you can take anywhere for easy access to the internet. Cheers. 😉

      • That’s no DVD drive issue is one of the major reasons why I backed out on getting one. I hate carrying external dvd burners around.
        .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Beware Of Internet Dating and Email Scams PLEASE! =-.

        • Leke says:

          Netbook don’t need DVD because it has a minimum of two USB slots that you can use for quick data transfers and backups. Netbooks are designed specifically to meet the need of mobile computing without adding the burden of carrying several pounds of unnecessary
          weight around. In other for it to be light and battery efficient, accessories such as DVD has to be eliminated. I’m sure you won’t be willing to have your smartphone having a DVD player cos by so doing, it will no longer be a pleasure putting it in your pocket. It will simply become a burden to carry around.
          I don’t sell Netbooks, so be rest assured that I am not trying to convince you to buy one 😉

          • ROFLMAO. Not to worry. I don’t think you’re trying to sell me a notebook. Almost nobody can force me into buying anything without my having sort the cheapest option. 😉

            One thing that still beats me is how one is expected to install CD/DVD softwares on a netbook if a DVD drive is not present.
            .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Beware Of Internet Dating and Email Scams PLEASE! =-.

          • Leke says:

            You’ve just giving out your secret. I can sell you anything from Netbook to USB MP3 player. I only need to get the cheapest quality available and present it to you with an irresistible SALES copy! 🙂 Never, mind, I’m just kidding. I’m a blogger like you. So I know it won’t be easy getting you to part with cash without a commensurate value for money. cheers.

          • LMAO. I only buy the cheapest option for the same QUALITY. It’s a habit I learnt while in London and I suddenly started running low on funds. I restructured my budget sharp sharp.

            The internet came in handy as I always researched in which stores I could buy a particular product of the same quality BUT for LESS!
            .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Download Joel Comm’s E-Books Without A Credit Card! =-.

          • Leke says:

            😉 I can’t blame you for that. In-fact I commend that. It will be ridiculous to get stranded in a strange land. 😉

  5. best notebook computers says:

    Awesome article, I can’t wait for next post. Many thanks for the story!

  6. Hi.
    Can you give your ICQ? I have some questions.

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