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Free Word Processing Software For Your Business

Written by Tony

Topics: Business Computers

Why Do You Need A Word processing Software For Your Business?

Every business need to communicate and there is none that can avoid doing written communication. However, gone are the days of using hand to write letters and document. It is simply time consuming and when there is need for several copies, it becomes an uninteresting task. Thanks to technology, now writing communication can be done with easy and multiple copies of the same correspondence or document produced in less than 5minutes. Welcome to word processing.

It all started with the manual typewriter. Instead of typing out one letter, you could use duplicating carbon paper to produce at least two extra copies as you type the original. However, the era of word processing machines truly began in the mid 1960s with memory typewriters were invented. These machines were designed specifically for word processing and rationalized the production of documents, especially in the course of day-to-day business. Stereotype formulations and texts were input once and stored under a code number. By combining these boilerplate texts and adding brief personal texts, a typist could prepare letters quickly and print them out as often as required.

The first typewriter equipped with a magnetic tape storage unit appeared in 1964 and was an input/output device. It enabled typed text to be changed or corrected after typing.

The second route to word processing systems involved computers from the scientific sector. They had screens, allowing users to navigate through texts much better. Later, extra functions such as sorting and calculation were added to these devices. In this way, developers tried to meet the varied requirements of offices. A typical widely used product was the Nixdorf 8840 word processing system, which came on the market in 1979.

The advent of the personal computer introduced a great leap in the development of efficient word processing. The cost of owning an affordable personal computer is falling by the day. Since PC are multi-task enabled gadgets, they quickly replaced the old typewriters and the dedicated word processors that were being used by businesses in the 1980s.

There is no personal computer that do not come with at least a basic word processor. Personal Computers that use the Microsoft operating system are normally packaged with Microsoft Notepad which is the most basic of a word processor. However, if you really want to do serious word processing, you need to purchase Microsoft Word.

For small businesses, there are free alternatives that will cost you nothing to use. A good one is the Open Office Writer. It can do almost everything that a commercial word processor software can do. You can download your free copy from Open Office. Now you can produce high quality and professionally looking documents for your business and clients.

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  1. Open Office ain’t bad @ all. I use it mainly to create PDF versions of my documents.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Wp-Spam Free Works Just Fine @ StrictlyOnlineBiz =-.

  2. Owunari Kaydi says:

    Well, we still have much to learn. How can you still be talking of buying a word processor at such a high cost? I don’t see how that software is considered cheap by you!
    9ja brain! Na wa o!
    When people are now getting them free of charge, some persons are still happy paying high.
    Abeg bring the cash, tell me what you use to know the original and I will give you x3 of the original at the same price. It is people like you that they call mugu

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