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Technology Support For Your Small Business

10 February 2010


Maintenance of Your Business Computers and Technology Investment Investing in computers for your business can be expensive, even though it is necessary. It is therefore important that after investing a fortune in equipping your Small Business, you should put in place an efficient technology support  for your small business to cater for the maintenance of […]

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Which Is The Best AntiVirus?

30 January 2010


A friend, who owns a small business like myself just asked me “Which is the best Antivirus?” As simple as the question was, I couldn’t give a simple answer because I knew why he asked the question. His business computer have just suffered another virus attack despite having an antivirus software on the system. His […]

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Free Word Processing Software For Your Business

20 January 2010


Why Do You Need A Word processing Software For Your Business? Every business need to communicate and there is none that can avoid doing written communication. However, gone are the days of using hand to write letters and document. It is simply time consuming and when there is need for several copies, it becomes an […]

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Computer

11 November 2009


Tips For Protecting Your Computer As a businessperson, your computer is a very important asset of great value, not only because of the fund expended in purchasing it, but rather because of the vital information that it may contain. Why do you need tips for protecting your computer? Who or what are you protecting your […]

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How to Choose A Netbook Computer

16 June 2009


Netbook Computers are the current gadgets in vogue. What is a netbook by the way? A Netbook Computer is a small computer that is quite portable and also much more affordable than the bigger laptop computers. They are lighter in weight but still have most of the basic features of a regular computer. So, what […]

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How To Choose The Right Computer For Your Business

6 June 2009


Which Computer is Right For My Business? In this present generation, businesses cannot function effectively without computers. Computers are essential tools for carrying out various business tasks. However, choosing the right computer for your business may not be as easy as choosing other tools. Two critical factors makes the decision critical. The first factor is […]

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Computers As Tools For Running Your Business

4 June 2009


Do I need a computer to run my business? Computers are nothing more than tools to enhance your productivity. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to employ recent technology in reducing the cost and time spent in carrying out business operations. However, the cost of introducing and maintaining such must be weighed against the benefit. […]

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