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SubDomain Or SubFolder Which Is Best

Written by Leke

Topics: Ramblings

I’ve been wondering between subdomain or subfolder which is the best for managing a subsection of a website.  Which really is the best practice for a webmaster in line with best SEO best practices.  Putting a section of a website e.g blog or forum in a subfolder so that it appears like or setting it up as a subdomain so that it appears as This issue is not for this site Business Computers (though in the future I may be tempted to add a forum to Business Computers if my readers so wish).

I have done a lot of searching on this using the search engines, but the arguments for and against each option seems to be 50:50. So, I have not actually gotten much help from my online research.

Maybe I need to spell out what I want.

  • I want all the resources for a particular section of the website to be in the same place. A kind of tidy arrangement for easy management or maintenance as you may put it.
  • I want the main domain to benefit from whatever link juice that the sub-section attracts. Meanwhile I don’t want the link juice of the main domain to be diluted as a result of the several pages that that section will contain. The keywords for the section will be a little departure from the main keywords that the main domain is focused on.

It may sound like me wanting to eat my cake and still have it. Well, I am using this post to get useful suggestion on this issue. I believe in asking for help when I need it. So if you have a solution for me, kindly drop it in a comment. Thanks.

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  1. In my opinion, according to what you are looking for, you’re better off with a subdomain. To preserve the link juice/pagerank of the main domain, DO NOT LINK to their subdomain from the main domain or add the nofollow attribute to every link on the main domain pointing to the subdomain.

    Linking to the main domain from the subdomain will transfer some link juice. Just make sure that the links are dofollow.

    Just my 2 cents as a newbie to SEO concerns! lol
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..StrictlyOnlineBiz’s Review Of Nigeria’s KodeSurveys =-.

  2. Leke says:

    @ Chukwudi
    Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Basically from what I have learned is the subdomains acts as a seperate topic but distinct topic somewhat related to the domain wherefore the domain where folders reside are for seperate but closely related topics to the domain.

  4. kenny kings says:

    Using subdomains can help you rank for other keywords that you are looking to rank for.
    .-= kenny kings´s last blog ..The History Of Xbox360 Explained =-.

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